Radiology Services Online provides comprehensive
web-base storage, exchange and interpretation of
radiology images for hospitals, clinics, and x-ray
providers. View x-rays online, manage patients data,
maintain billing for your services in a single hosted

Phone: 1-800-938-SCAN (7226)

  • Single application meets all information management needs of radiology providers
  • No new equipment or installation required, can be set up in one or two days
  • DICOM connectivity module that allowes exchanging x-ray images between apps
  • Fully HIPAA-compliant medical image and patient information storage

No Installation Required

Electronic Medical Records

Ideal For X-Ray Providers

RSO doesn't require new equipment or software to purchase or install as it is hosted on our servers. You need only internet connection and a browser to work with RSO.

RSO is a comprehensive solution for health-care information management. Use it to view all your patients medical records while viewing their digital x-ray images.

RSO was designed to address the needs of radiology practices and mobile x-ray or ultrasound providers. Use it to manage all specific medical data of your patients.

We are part of the
Federal Supply Schedule

under contact number:
GSA # GS-00F-0046L

Radiology Services Online is a web-based service for storing, exchanging and interpretation of radiology images. It was designed to meet the specific needs of radiologists in small hospitals and mobile radiology service providers.

Radiology Services Online offers DICOM connectivity module that enables exchanging images between RSO and existing electronic medical records system. Following DICOM standard insures that any radiology practice is a potential user of RSO.

Radiology Services Online is a fully hosted solution that works on our servers and can be accessed through the internet from anywhere. You would need only a browser to work with RSO as it requires no new hardware or software. It is zero-footprint system. Accounts for your organization can be set up in one or two days.

Call us 1-800-938-SCAN (7226) for more information.